Our range of AV Room Design & Implementation Services

 Tell us what you want and leave the technicalities to us. We understand that not everyone is as geeky as us and technical jargon can be quite frustrating. So, all we expect from your end is an idea of what you are going for. We will work out the technical requirement, do the math, add the science and allow you to enjoy the art of the final product. From lighting fixtures to video endpoints, we’ve got you covered in more ways than one.  

Services To meet every need.

Conference Room Design and Implementation Services


It may surprise you to know that designing a conference room is an art in itself. Of course, there is a whole bunch of standard technical considerations too. We take great pride in mentioning that we have mastered both.

Meeting Room Design and Implementation Services

From your television sets to your smartphones, everything you use, boasts of incredible technical innovation. So, why should your meeting rooms be left behind? With the cutting-edge collaboration solutions from partners such as Cisco, and speckless implementation services from Added, it’s time to embrace new technology with open arms. 

We want to enable you to maximize your team’s productivity during and beyond work hours. The range of solutions you can choose from is simply overwhelming. Which is why you should leave it to the experts. We have been burning the candle at both ends to excel at what we do. We promise that you couldn’t possibly be in better hands.

Smart Room Design and Implementation Services

Give your workspace a technological upgrade with our SmartRoom Design and Implementation Services. Immerse yourself in beautiful 4K displays, interactive and intelligent AI leading to an effortless exchange of ideas. Designing smart rooms for optimal performance and minimized costs is quite a challenge and requires solid experience. Choosing the right taskforce for implementation is crucial. At Added, we will walk you through every step of the way, taking complete responsibility for the project from start to finish.

Sports Room Design and Implementation Services

 The sports sector is full of invigorating challenges. This makes a strong case for sound technological integration. Let the latest solutions in the world of collaboration assist you in hitting your home runs. 

The Added team believes in taking one for the team. Our highest priority is cent percent customer satisfaction -- no matter how much of a hassle it may sometimes be, to reach perfection.

TelePresence/Boardroom Built Out Services

Integrating Telepresence and AV solutions technologies, our Boardroom Built Out services will add a whole new dimension to your boardrooms. It’s time to transform your meetings into a truly executive experience. Aside from getting more work done, joining hands with brand new technology comes with a whole bundle of benefits. Save precious manhours, effort and resources for an edge over your competitors.

Video Kiosk Design & Implementation Services

 A highly engaging technological experience is waiting to serve you and your customers. With Added’s Video Kiosk Design and Implementation Services, information is now accessible to everyone in an interactive and captivating manner. The Video Kiosk is a dependable and worthwhile investment, adding value to all your services. 

Video Wall & LCDs Implementation Services

The video wall is an awe-inspiring marvel of technology and to help you own and use one, the engineers at Added have undergone decades of training. Utilize it to simulate an alternate reality or simply display important information -- either way, you’ll have your viewers’ undivided attention.